It can be challenging to navigate a career in dog training. Building skills, gaining confidence, dealing not only with dogs but with their's a lot. I know. Maybe you don't have access to a mentor, school, or experienced trainer. Maybe you have questions about specific topics, training skills, or behaviors. But this service is not only for aspiring or newer trainers. Even after a trainer has gained experience, tricky cases come along now and then to remind us that we don't have all the answers! But don't worry; help is now more accessible than ever. We can chat by phone about your concerns or, using video chat technology, I can can observe and coach you in real time, demonstrate techniques using my own dogs, review video you send of training or behavior situations, or even sit in virtually on a client session. Of course, we can also just chat about your questions and concerns. Consults are completely customized to your individual needs and are normally conducted either by Zoom or phone, your preference (alternate technologies are also possible).

Here are just a few things I can assist you with:

  • Struggles new trainers face, including how-to's and confidence building

  • Learning, improving, or expanding training techniques

  • Dealing with clients

  • Designing or fine-tuning behavior protocols

  • Running group classes or conducting private lessons
  • Accompanying you virtually at a client session

  • Reviewing your marketing materials; help with writing if needed

  • Consulting and coaching on tough behavior topics including fear, aggression, and separation anxiety

  • Dealing with sticky situations

  • ...and, even your own dogs' issues--because we all know trainers' dogs are perfect, right?

Don't feel shy to ask questions or be nervous that you’ll be viewed as less than knowledgeable. I’m here to support you, to help you grow, and to answer the tough questions along the way. I promise, I don’t bite.  :)  My one stipulation is that I will only work with trainers who use gentle, positive methods. Other than that, it's all about your individual needs. Check out the Pricing and FAQ pages, and then fill out the form on the Contact page. I look forward to working with you!

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