"I am so very thankful for Nicole’s wisdom, support, and encouragement as my personal coach. As a new trainer, I struggled with “How-To’s” and was overwhelmed by many other things. The one-on-one sessions with Nicole have been amazing! Not only did she help me build up my confidence, but she also taught me new training techniques and how to fine tune a training protocol. Nicole’s knowledge and experience of dogs and people is incredible, and her teaching style makes learning easy and fun. Dog Trainer’s Friend – Personal Coaching is on my “Keeper List.”  --Heidi Moreau, CCDT


I reached out to Nicole to help me with my dog training business. I've read her books and trusted what she would have to say. Nicole was able to get my training packages sorted out far as structure. She was also able to give me tips on training techniques which worked with my clients almost immediately. I value her time and all that I've learned over the virtual sessions with her. My only fault is that I didn't reach out sooner. I plan to book addition Consultations with her in the future. -- Pamela Brown, CPDT-KA Down 4 Paws Dog Training


"It's one thing to get certified as a dog trainer through a formal program but it's entirely different to have someone coaching you with the "hands-on" portion of professional dog training once you get out into the real world. Nicole has been such an asset and motivational support system for me in my continued pursuit of refining and honing my dog training skills and my business, in general. I am so grateful to have her in my corner and so easily accessible to my questions/concerns. Nicole's guidance has helped make things so simple to understand and her methods/techniques are invaluable. I would highly recommend her dog training guidance services to anyone who needs a genuine and gentle hand to better understand the application of dog training. Her kind heart and generosity when it comes to sharing herself and her knowledge is irrefutable. I am so grateful I reached out to Nicole and I definitely consider her a "friend" and a dog trainer "coach." Thanks, Nicole for all you are and all you do; I appreciate it and you." - Debbie Kossoff, CCDT

"I wanted to thank you for helping me set up a curriculum for a new training program. Your consult was fun and it did help a lot. I wasn’t charging enough, and was trying to build in too many new behaviors in a ten day program. The family I have been working with actually wants me to do another 10 days. Thank you again for being willing to help me out."   - Diane Pinkerton, Aspen Family Dog Training 

2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing a train the trainer session with Nicole Wilde. After many years of working professionally as a dog trainer I was struggling with stress, time management and pricing. I was overwhelmed with guilt for not having time for my personal dogs and still not having enough hours in the day for my clients. After laying it all down with Nicole I began implementing the strategies she suggested. As I write this, I’m much more relaxed and happy because I have time for my family and time to continue my education, which I didn’t even imagine I would be able to start again with my current high case load. I highly recommend Nicole’s Train the Trainer program. It is to the point, informative and extremely useful, giving real life results. 

                                                                               - Alec Torres, ABC-CDT Pro Dog Trainer The Mannered Mutt